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Tips for Taking Care of Cane Corso Puppies

Tips for Taking Care of Cane Corso Puppies

The Cane Corso breed is a large breed of dog that belongs in the Mastiff family, nonetheless, they are much more athletic, agile, and faster than other Mastiff breeds. They are much more energetic and have a greater sense of adventure, too.

That is why Cane Corsos need regular exercise for them to get their energy out, and even more important, they need to be trained as early as possible in order for them to grow into well-behaved adult dogs.

Sup’s Peace Makers is providing you with this list of tips on how to train and take care of your puppy if ever you consider getting cane corso for sale.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cane Corso pups between 8 and twelve weeks old need four meals per day
  • Your new puppy needs a cozy peaceful spot to be able to relax in. Purchasing a dog bed or making one out of a wooden box can be a great idea
  • Make sure to give him good exercise daily, so he can expel all that pent up puppy energy
  • Cane Corsos also require frequent brushing to reduce shedding, keeping your puppy clean

Love your dogs but don’t spoil them!

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