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Taking Home a Brand New Pup this Christmas Season

Taking Home a Brand New Pup this Christmas Season

Whether you buy dogs for sale in Richmond, Texas or adopt form your local shelter, bringing home a new pup during the holiday is a serious commitment. Unless you are completely sure that you can deliver the myriad of responsibilities puppy-parenting includes, it may be better to make a deal with your breeder to hold on to your pup until after the Holidays are over to lessen the load that you need to carry.

However, if you think you’re ready for this step in your life, here are a few suggestions that can make your transition easier:

  • Buy your pup a crate, dog bed, food, and chew toy, before taking it home.
  • Limit your in-home celebration to your immediate household members.
  • Plan your future activities with your new pup in mind.
  • Make sure all your decorations and other breakables are away from your puppy’s reach.
  • Avoid sharing food from the table with your pup. It’s best to stick with her regular kibble.

Thinking of bringing home your own puppy this Christmas season? Sup’s Peace Makers offers a variety of purebred dogs, coming in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a breed that will be best for your children, our Boerboel dogs in Texas will make a great pet as they come from a long line of protector breeds.

Visit our store and meet the next addition to your family, today! We also have other breeds, like the Cane Corso for sale.

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