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Simple Steps to Train Your Dog

Simple Steps to Train Your Dog

Whether it is for basic obedience or tricks and manners training, teaching your dog some discipline allows you to understand and better bond with him/her. However, dog training can be tough for beginners. So, Sup’s Peace Makers gives you this list of tips on how to get your dog to listen to you:

  • Be patient
    Different dogs learn tricks at different paces. Your Boerboel dog in Texas may not learn as fast as a labrador, but they both are teachable and very adorable. Give your dog a couple of weeks to simmer in the lesson.
  • Be consistent
    Like any trained behavior, be consistent with what you teach. Remember to use the same commands and cues so that your dog doesn’t get confused.
  • Adopt realistic expectations
    Training your dog takes time. So, wait for several days or weeks to complete his/her training.
  • Reward your dog for good behavior through food treats.

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