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About Us

Dogs for Sale in Richmond, Texas

Breeding and training your next best friend.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality family member to your home. We are a small hobby breeder that focuses on keeping the bloodlines pure for our dogs. Our dogs’ lines can be traced back to Africa and Europe. Every dog is raised at our home around our family. Sup’s Peace Makers delivers pets to families that will keep the peace by naturally protecting your home. May God Bless and keep you.

Who We Are

For centuries, dogs have been man’s protector and best friend. That is why we make sure that when you pick your dog from us, you can be assured that they are strong, loving, and loyal canines that you can take home to be a part of your family. We offer purebred dogs for sale in Richmond, Texas; which means that you will be able to know each breed’s appearance, skills, traits, and tendencies, among others.

Other advantages of getting your next best friend from us include:

  • We provide legal documents for your dog, such as pedigree, health certificates, etc.
  • You can choose a specific breed that will suit your lifestyle well.
  • You can guarantee that your dog is free from any inheritable diseases and conditions.
  • And more!

We truly hope that you will find the right dog to be your next best friend and family member. To learn more about the dogs that we breed, please don’t hesitate to look around our website and if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 832-275-2820.