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Dog Caring: Getting Rid of Pesky Fleas

Dog Caring: Getting Rid of Pesky Fleas

You know how it is when your dogs get fleas: you start vacuuming, washing their beds, getting the flea comb out, and applying flea treatment to your pet. The real question here, however, is how do you find the right solution?

Sup’s Peace Makers is here to give you two of the most effective and proven treatments that are available to dog owners.

  1. Capstar Tablets
    These works great as a quick-relief flea poison. However, they only kill adult fleas and cannot be used as a preventive measure against flea eggs and larvae. Capstar can provide your dog with relief within four hours of initial administration, which is necessary if your dog has a bad infestation.
  2. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray
    This solution contains no harsh chemicals and instead makes use of 100% certified natural oils. It kills fleas, flea larvae and eggs, ticks, and even mosquitos, making it a great all-around defense for your pup.

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