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5 Special Tips for Taking Care of Boerboel Puppies

5 Special Tips for Taking Care of Boerboel Puppies

Are you getting ready for a new Boerboel puppy? Whether you are a first-time dog-owner or if you’ve had dogs before, but it is your first time owning a Boerboel, here are some important reminders from Sup’s Peace Makers.

  1. Exercise Daily

    To maintain good health, stay in shape, and recharge their brains, Boerboels need daily exercise. Daily exercise and other activities can also alleviate their boredom which often has the potential to lead to difficult behavior.

  2. Proper Handling

    Puppies are typically easier to handle. When carrying a Boerboel puppy, place one hand under the dog’s chest, with either your other hand or forearm supporting their hind legs and rump. Never try to lift or grab your puppy by the back of their neck, front legs, or tail.

  3. Feed Them Right

    Starting at a young age, your Boerboel puppy needs a healthy diet. As experienced sellers of Boerboel dogs in Texas, we can recommend certain diets to match their needs. If you want, you can also talk to a veterinarian for expert advice. Just remember, whatever brand of food you choose, their diet should always cater to their specific digestive and health needs.

  4. Spaying/Neutering

    It is recommended that male Boerboels be neutered and females spayed by the time they reach six months of age. Neutering males reduces the risk of certain aggressive behaviors, hernias, and testicular and prostate disease. On the other hand, spaying females can reduce the risk of breast cancer and infected uterus.

  5. Immunizations

    Make sure that your Boerboel puppies gets all of the immunizations that they need – and keep up-to-date with them as well. Ask your Boerboel’s veterinarian for recommended immunizations.


Training puppies can often be frustrating and challenging. Your puppy will make plenty of mistakes – when they do, make sure to remain calm and patient. Calm discipline and commands will help them understand what they did wrong.

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